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Commercial Electric Lighting

Commercial electric lighting

Every business at some point in time will find the need to add or replace their lighting system. When it comes time for a new or updated system of Atlanta commercial electric lighting, you will want to find lights that offer a combination of a low initial investment with the lowest operating costs possible. You will not, however, want to sacrifice brightness or functionality in areas where this could be an important safety factor, such as in warehouses or working areas. You can still find energy efficient commercial electric lighting that will be bright and reliant enough for any workplace application, no matter how large or small the space to be lit.

Energy efficiency is just one aspect of commercial HID electric lighting for which you need to look. Practical matters such as longevity of the bulbs and ease of bulb and ballast replacements should also be considered. A cheap fixture that is difficult to access and has pricey bulbs that only last a few weeks or a month or two will only cost you more in the long run. Instead, you should opt for the most energy efficient lights you can find for the task. They may cost slightly more, but their longer life and lower operating costs will quickly repay your investment.

Among the many options for commercial electric lighting are interior commercial fluorescent lights, which are most common in office buildings. The fixtures for fluorescent tube lights require a simple installation that can easily be done by a lay person. These are directional low voltage lights and will last for a long time since they use a very small amount of electricity compared to incandescent. Find a fixture for your lights that has a hatch for easy access to the bulbs and ballasts for quick replacements.

Other workplace lighting choices include those for larger warehouses. These could be commercial warehouse high bay lights for areas with ceilings of twenty feet or higher. If you need commercial electric lighting that is extremely bright, and your ceiling is less than twenty feet, consider low bay lighting. Bay lights are designed to illuminate the widest area possible from a single lamp. Most often commercial high and low bay light fixtures will use high intensity discharge (HID) bulbs which could be metal halide, mercury vapor, or high pressure sodium lamps. Many people often put fluorescent lights in high or low bay lights as well. All these bulbs have differing qualities, so you will need to take a look at your specific needs before choosing the right bulb for your lamps and lighting needs.

If you are uncertain about your commercial electric lighting choices, you could consult with an expert electrician who can guide you through the process. You might even be able to install the lighting yourself without having to pay for an Atlanta commercial electrician. This course should only be undertaken if you have worked with electricity before and you are installing low voltage lights. Otherwise, hire a professional. This can save you personal injury and damage to your place of work when you want to install your commercial electric lighting.

To learn more visit our commercial electric lighting section or read more about commercial electric lighting.

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